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Stainless Steel Half Size Wide Opening Doors To 48" Tall.

Price: Various sizes to choose from.
Hard To Find Wide Opening Stainless Steel Doors.

Half size double panel stainless steel cafe doors.
Lightweight (16 gauge) single ply stainless steel door with easy swinging gravity hinge panels with smooth diamond shaped sides. 

Wide Opening Stainless Steel Door Sizes and Prices:
36"w x 48"h stainless double $1,700.00
42"w x 48"h stainless double $1,750.00
48"w x 48"h stainless double $1,800.00
60"w x 48"h stainless double $1,850.00
72"w x 48"h stainless double $1,900.00 

48" tall is the standard wide opening height but we do custom heights with minimum height starting at 36"h and maximum stainless cafe door height to 52" tall.

We have stainless steel cafe doors in stock that normally ship out in 3-5 days after order from our plant in Costa Mesa CA.

For Stainless Cafe Door Questions or Sales:
Call Toll Free 1-877-768-0722.

restaurant kitchen doors, stainless steel cafe door for restaurants at Traffic Doors and More.

Available To Order Online.

Wide Stainless Cafe Door Sizes:

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