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Traffic Door Colors.

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The Colors For Pro Tuff and Ruff Tuff Doors.
FDA approved for food grade area use. 
Plastic paint coating resists scuffs and scratches. 
And cleans easy.

8 Colors To Choose From:
Beige- Red- Brown- Green- Blue- Grey- Black. 
We Also Have A White Color On The Ruff Tuff Series.

For Traffic Door Color Questions:
Call Toll Free 1-877-768-0722. 

Ruff Tuff Door With Bumpers For Pallet Traffic. Swinging doors for grocery stores.Red Swinging Doors, Restaurant kitchen doors red color swing door.Brown Vcam Series Traffic Door with Bumpers.Green swinging doors for restaurants- Green traffic doors for grocery stores.Blue pro tuff door for restaurant kitchen door.Grey Ruff Tuff Door For Forklift Traffic- Swinging Door With 36" Bumpers.White Restaurant Kitchen Doors For Sale- Swinging traffic doors for restaurants in color white.Black ruff tuff double doors.Pro Tuff and Ruff Tuff Doors with various door restaurant door colors available.