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The Gorilla Door. Clear Plastic Swing Doors.

Price: Various sizes to choose from.
This Is The Gorilla Door.
Named by Tony our production manager.

A Heavy Duty Clear PVC Swinging Door.

A great alternative to strip curtains, employees love the clear easy in and out access. Perfect for busy supermarkets and busy warehouse doors. Engineered for maximum durability in high traffic areas.

Strong stainless steel top gravity hinge system. 36"h impact plates added for forklift and cart traffic.
Standard thickness.120 thick. 
Available thickness.160 thick add 20%.
Clear Swing Door Prices With Impact Plates:
60"w x 84"h $875.00
72"w x 96"h $1,200.00
84"w x 96"h $1,300.00
96"w x 96"h $1,350.00
96"w x 108"h $1,400.00
96"w x 120"h $1,500.00
For freezer grade panels add 10%.

Available in custom sizes up to 10'w x 14'h.
Please call with opening size.

For Clear Swing Door Questions or Sales,
Call Toll Free 1-877-768-0722.
The Gorilla Door, Clear swinging traffic doors On Sale.
The Gorilla Door, Clear swinging traffic doors On Sale.The Gorilla Doors are Clear plastic Swinging Doors By CCI. The Gorilla Door a Clear PVC Swing Door by Traffic Doors and More..

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The gorilla door by CCI. Traffic Doors and More for the clear plastic swinging Gorilla Door with custom sizes..
Our Gorilla Door Sales Department.
Price: No price.
   Our Gorilla Door Sales Department.
Please call with door opening size.