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We Sell Hollow Metal Swing Door Frames.

Price: Various sizes to choose from.
Hollow Metal Door Frames.

3 flat sided metal frames for swinging doors.
Grey primer and ready to finish.
Shipping from our plant in Arizona.

4-3/4" wall thickness (throat size)
Fits a 2x4 wood stud wall with 5/8 sheet rock on both sides.

6-7/8" wall thickness (throat size)
Fits a 2x6 wood stud wall with 5/8 sheet rock on both sides.

Door Frame Sizes and Prices:
36" x 84"  16 gauge 4-3/4" wide $299.00
48" x 84"  16 gauge 4-3/4" wide $350.00
60" x 84"  16 gauge 4-3/4" wide $395.00

72" x 84"  16 gauge 4-3/4" wide $449.00
72" x 96"  16 gauge 4-3/4" wide $539.00
96" x 96"  12 gauge 6-7/8" wide $950.00

Sizes listed are finished opening sizes.
When making the opening for frames construct the opening to be 2" wider and 1" taller than the finished opening size. When assembled the framed opening and door size will match.

Note: Frames are not sold individually they are for sale with purchased doors.

For Door Frame Questions or Sales:
Call Toll Free 1-877-768-0722.

Available To Order Online.

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