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We Carry Strong N45 Magnet Door Closers.

Price: 2 piece kit $249.00.
Perfect For Air Pressured Rooms. 
Helps Keep Your Doors Closed Together.

Strong 3 magnet system that will help keep swinging doors closed. Made for use on single panel doors or double panel doors.

Easy to install.
The magnet housing kits are adjustable for how much magnet power your application requires, slide magnets together for full power or slide them apart as needed for less power. 

Each door magnet kit includes (2) 3"w x 6"h magnet housing kits with 3 strong N45 magnets each. Price is $249.00 per kit.

Note: These magnet kits use an extremely powerful high grade Neodymium N45 magnet. Make sure you read the magnet safety warning in the box before opening them, h
andling these strong magnets with care is necessary to prevent personal injuries.

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N45 Magnet- Swinging Door Magnets to keep swing doors closed tight.
N45 Magnet- Swinging Door Magnets to keep swing doors closed tight.N45 Swing Door Magnets for Closing Doors Tight- Magnet Kits with strong N45 Magnets to keep swinging doors closed from wind or air pressure.N45 Magnets on Swinging Traffic Doors. N45 Door Magnets to Close Swing Doors.

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