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Motor Control Panel for Air Curtains.

Price: Please call to order this item.
Air Curtain Motor Control Panels.

For microswitch activation on large openings a motor control panel is required. All 3 phase units and single phase units with a combined horsepower capacity exceeding 1hp will need a motor control panel to activate the microswitch. Not reqired for a manual operated mounted on the wall switch.

Microswitches are easily wired to the terminal strip provided in the motor control panel.
 One Control Panel can be used for mutiple air curtain installations.

Please Call With Motor Specification Request.
We have in stock (1) 3 motor-1/2hp- 208/230v. 
A motor control panel is an enclosure containing the equipment to start electric motors, usually mounted on the wall near the air curtain to be controlled. The equipment consists of motor starters, a transformer for the control circuit, terminal blocks, and other components to meet specific requirements. It is also used to start, stop, and protect the motors in the air curtains. Motor control panels are available as an option and can be manufactured to meet any requirement. All electric heated models contain a motor control panel as standard equipment.


Motor control panel for mars air curtains.Mars Air Curtain Motor Control Panels. Operate Mars air curtains door switch with mars air door motor control panel.

Available To Order Online.

Motor Control Panel:

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