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Pizza Expo Show Las Vegas.

Price: No price.

Show visitor checking out our replica 24" sub.
Realistic sub sandwich sale price is $285.00.

Other Products We Had On Display:
Restaurant Kitchen Doors
No Zap Fly Traps
Replica Fake Foods
Sheet Pan Rack Covers
Plastic Strip Curtains
Clear Vu Doors for walk in coolers

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Pizza expo booth display photo.
Pizza expo booth display photo.Restaurant kitchen doors and No Zap Fly Traps for restaurant fly control On Sale.Fake Food replica Pizza On Display at The Pizza Expo Show.Elvis At The Pizza Expo Show. Display Of Restaurant Kitchen Doors At The Pizza Expo.Clear vu door for restaurant kitchen walk in cooler door On Display at Pizza Expo Show.

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Replica Foods: Realistic 24" Sub Sandwich.
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Replica  Foods: Realistic 24" Sub Sandwich.
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fake-food-pizza On Sale.
Replica Fake Foods On Display At The Show.
Price: Various replica items to choose from.
Replica Fake Foods On Display At The Show.
Show Special: Order All 4 Items Together And Save $100.00.