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Replica Fake Vegetables for Display.

Price: Various replica vegetables to choose from.
Replica Vegetables for Display.

Various Replica Vegetables We Carry
asparagus 10" (pack of 6)
baking potato 3-1/2"
baked potato twice baked 
bell peppers whole- 5 colors
bell pepper rings 3" 5 colors 
brocolli with cheese sauce 
brocolli or cauliflower flowerettes 2-1/2"  
carrot sticks  3" 
carrot whole 7-1/2"
celery sticks 3" 
various olives 
kale leaf 6" and
kale strips 12"
kale rings 2 sizes
mushrooms raw 2-1/2"
purple kale 5 1/2" leaf
romaine lettuce 12" leafs 
jalapeno pepper green and red
banana pepper 2-1/2" 
onions white and purple 3" 
garlic bulbs
pickle fan with pimento 
various olives 
whole tomatoes with stem and sliced tomatoes
whole zuccini 7-1/2" 

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Replica Vegetables For Display at Fake Foods and More- Plastic Vegetables For Restaurant Display.replica tomatoes for display. fake tomatoes and plastic vegetables for salad bar display.Replica green olives for display. Fake foods with replica olives for restaurant display.

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