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Narrow Opening Double Panel Swing Doors.

Price: Various sizes to choose from.
The Pro Tuff Series Double Panel Traffic Doors.

Perfect swing door for people and light cart traffic. 
Double panel sizes start at 36" wide. 

The Pro Tuff is a lightweight easy swinging door. 
Designed rugged enough to stand up to busy traffic in restaurants, supermarkets or any people oriented environment.

Solid .375 thick panel hardwood door with 1" thick steel edge reinforcement panels to enhance the look and strength of the door. 

7 Colors To Choose From:
Grey- Black- Red- Green- Blue- Brown- Beige.

Common Double Panel Sizes and Prices
36"w x 80"h double panel $1,850.00.
36"w x 84"h double panel $1,850.00.
42"w x 84"h double panel $1,900.00. (in photo) 
48"w x 84"h double panel $1,980.00.  
60"w x 84"h double panel $2,150.00.
72"w x 84"h double panel $2,250.00.
Custom sizes are available please call with the opening size.

This door is made to order by size and color request. 
Normally shipping out in 2-3 weeks.
If you need a door quickly our stainless steel double doors ship quick. 
Normally shipping in 2-3 days from Costa Mesa California.

For Traffic Door Questions or Sales:
Call Toll Free 1-877-768-0722.

The Pro Tuff Door is a Restaurant kitchen door- double swing restaurant kitchen door .
The Pro Tuff Door is a Restaurant kitchen door- double swing restaurant kitchen door .Pro Tuff Doors For Sale- Red Swinging doors for restaurants and grocery stores. Double Swinging Restaurant Kitchen Doors in Tucson swinging doors for restaurants and blue grocery store traffic door.Brown Pro Tuff Doors for restaurant kitchen double door in brown.Pro Grey Pro Tuff Double Panel Doors for sale= Restaurant kitchen doors in grey.Tuff Doors have 7 colors, The Pro Tuff Doors are grocery store swinging doors that are red color or blue color. Brown Color Swing Door for restaurants.Restaurant Kitchen Doors- swinging double doors for restaurants.

Available To Order Online:

Double Door Size Request::
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