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Roll Down Grocery Case Covers Save Energy.

Price: 48" wide $140.00.
Roll Down Refrigerated Case Covers.

Size: 48" Wide and Rolls Down To 78" Long.

Maintain your cold air overnight in refrigerated grocery cases. Night covers will k
eep your foods colder and fresher longer! Plus the energy savings.

Durable aluminum fabric night covers made to last and e
asy to use, roll down and magnet on at the bottom.

List Price: $179.90 each

Sale Price: $140.00 each

Easy To Mount:
Attach 2 latches to the case top and click on the bar.

48" wide roll down night covers are in stock and ship from our plant in Costa Mesa CA.

For Night Cover Questions or Sales:

Call Toll Free 1-877-768-0722.

Eugene Night Covers For Produce Cooler Cases.
Eugene Night Covers For Produce Cooler Cases.Night Covers For Dairy Coolers.Night Covers For All Refrigerated Cases. For Use on Tyler Refrigeration Cooler Cases.Eugene Night Cover Mounting Style With Clip On Latches.Night covers for refrigerated deli cases In Stock.

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