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Ruff Tuff Series Sealed Gasket Doors.

Price: Various sizes to choose from.
We Have Gasket Sealed Swing Doors.

Normally swing doors have a 3/4" gap around the edges but some applications require a gasket seal around for temperature or insect protection. 

Our 1-1/8" thick Ruff Tuff door has a 3/4" rubber seal attached around the door to provide a sealed swing door opening.

To be precise this gasket door gaskets about 98% of the opening, there are small openings around the upper and lower pivoting hinges.

Common Gasket Door Sizes and Prices:
36"w x 84"h single: $1,350.00
42"w x 84"h single: $1,450.00
36"w x 84"h double $2,250.00
48"w x 84"h double $2,350.00

60"w x 84"h double $2,450.00
72"w x 84"h double $2,650.00
72"w x 96"h double $2,750.00
96"w x 96"h double $3,450.00

Other Ruff Tuff Door Options:
impact plates for cart traffic.
bumpers for forklift or pallet traffic. 
locking system.
7 colors and custom sizes. 
For Gasket Door Questions or Sales:
Call Toll Free 1-877-768-0722.

Restaurant kitchen door with gasket. Full seal gasket on swinging restaurant doors.
Restaurant kitchen door with gasket. Full seal gasket on swinging restaurant doors.Swing Doors for meat rooms With Gasket Seal for swing door temperature control..Ruff Tuff Doors- Swinging Traffic Doors with bumpers- Ruff Tuff Doors On Sale.Ruff Tuff Doors- 7 Colors Available. Perfect For Supermarket swinging doors.

Available To Order Online.

Gasket Door Opening Size:
Door Color Request:

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