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Ruff Tuff Series Sealed Gasket Doors.

Price: Various sizes to choose from.
Gasket Sealed Swing Doors.

Normally swing doors have approximately a 3/4" gap around the edges but some applications require a gasket seal around for temperature, light or insect protection. 

Our 1-1/8" thick Ruff Tuff door has a 3/4" rubber seal attached around the door to provide a sealed swing door opening.

To be precise this gaskets about 99% of the opening, there are small openings around the upper and lower pivoting hinges.

Common Gasket Door Sizes and Prices
36"w x 84"h single: $1,350.00
42"w x 84"h single: $1,450.00
36"w x 84"h double $2,250.00
48"w x 84"h double $2,350.00

60"w x 84"h double $2,450.00
72"w x 84"h double $2,650.00
72"w x 96"h double $2,750.00
96"w x 96"h double $3,450.00

Other Ruff Tuff Door Options
impact plates for cart traffic
bumpers for forklift or pallet traffic 
deadbolt locking system
7 colors and custom sizes available
For Gasket Swing Door Questions or Sales:
Call Toll Free 1-877-768-0722.

Restaurant door with gasket on swinging restaurant doors.
Restaurant door with gasket on swinging restaurant doors.Gasket Seal Swinging Doors for meat room temperature control.Ruff Tuff Doors- Swinging Traffic Doors with bumpers- Ruff Tuff Doors On Sale.Ruff Tuff Doors- 7 Colors Available. Perfect For Supermarket swinging doors.

Available To Order Online.

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