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Super Bakery Booth with Franco Harris of the NFL.

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ASFSA School Show.
NFL Football Star Franco Harris at the Super Bakery Booth. 
Franco Harris of the NFL and 'The Immaculate Reception'....

On December 23 1972 a rookie running back Franco Harris of the Pittsburg Steelers was running an offensive play in a playoff game against the Oakland Raiders. The score was 7-6 and there was just over a minute left in the game. The Pittsburg quarterback Terry Bradshaw threw a pass and just as the intended reciever was going to catch the ball he was flattened by the Oakland defender, the ball bounced off the collision of the 2 players and landed in the hands of Franco Harris who ran it into the end zone for a touchdown to help win the playoff game.

48 years ago that play was nicknamed 'The Immaculate Reception'.