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Swinging Door Magnet Kits If You Need One.

Price: $329.00.
Designed To Help Keep Swinging Doors Closed. 
The 2 Piece N45 Mag-Lock Door Magnet Kit.

Perfect for help in air pressured rooms or windy areas. 
Use on restaurant doors, grocery doors or anywhere needed.
Each magnet housing pack includes 3 very strong N45 magnets. The magnet packs are adjustable for how much power you need, slide the adjustable pack away for less power or slide it together for full power grip. 

Single Panel In Jam Kit (red photo) Includes: 
(1) 3" wide housing pack with 3 N45 magnets. 
And (1) 1/2" thick x 3" in jamb receiver plate. 
The 1/2" plate mounts in the door jamb. 

Double Panel Door Kit (blue photo) Includes: 
(2) 3"x3" housing packs that mount on each panel. 
Double door packs are normally placed side by side. 
And normally mounted at the top and out of the way. 

Note and Caution: 
These door magnet kits use an extremely high power neodymium N45 magnet. Make sure you read the magnet safety warning information in the box before opening. Handling these strong magnets with care is necessary to prevent serious injuries. 

For Magnet Kit Questions Call 1-877-768-0722. 
Swinging Restaurant Door Magnets- N45 Magnet Kits For Swinging Doors with wind.
Swinging Restaurant Door Magnets- N45 Magnet Kits For Swinging Doors with wind.Double Swinging Doors N45 Magnet Kits to keep swing doors closed..N45 Magnets for swinging doors to keep them closed in windy door areas.N45 magnet kits made for swinging doors with wind.

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