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Truck Strip Curtain For 84" x 84" Opening.

Price: 84" x 84" complete kit $345.00.
Plastic Strip Curtains For Refrigerated Trucks.
Deliver Colder and Fresher Foods The First Day.

These truck strip curtain kits are made with 8" wide strips, medium grade thickness (.080 thick) and a 2" strip overlap (50%) but other sizes and specifications are available.

Truck strip curtain kit includes galvanized round mounting bar with
 2 side wall mounted "U"  hooks perfect for roll up doors.

Strong heat welded strips loop around the bar. 
The roll up door rolls over the top of the bar.

Common Truck Door Sizes and Prices
84"w x 84"h $345.00
96"w x 96"h $395.00
(bars can be cut to custom size if needed)
For Truck Strip Curtain Questions or Sales:
Call Toll Free: 1-877-768-0722.
Plastic strip curtains for trucks.
Plastic strip curtains for trucks.8" Wide Strip Curtain Kits made by cool curtain.Strip curtains for refrigerated delivery trucks On Sale.Strip curtain bars for refrigerated delivery trucks.

Available To Order Online.

Truck Door Opening Size:

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Truck Strip Curtain For 96" x 96" Opening.
Price: 96"w x 96"h complete kit $395.00.
 Truck Strip Curtain For 96" x 96" Opening.
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Truck Strip Curtain Kits With Custom Sizes Available.
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Truck Strip Curtain Kits With Custom Sizes Available.
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