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Walk Thru Screens.

Price: 2 sizes to choose from.
The Easy Screen.

A Quality Made Walk Thru Hanging Screen Door. 
Perfect for use in restaurants, grocery stores, barns, home use and anywhere flies are present.

The Easy Screen allows for ventilation and keeps flying bugs out. Easy to walk thru, a perfect solution for open delivery doors and doorways.

Screen panels snap onto a 1" aluminum bar mounted over the top of the opening, snaps on for summer and snaps off for winter. 

Panels are weighted at the bottom providing straight hanging wide panels. 1" screen overlap down the middle offers a good seal.

These are well made efficient hanging screens with better features than the ones you see on tv.
Easy Screen Sizes and Prices:
36"w x 84"h $125.00
48"w x 84"h $145.00

Shipping from our plant in Costa Mesa CA.

For Easy Screen Questions or Sales: 
Call Toll Free: 1-877-768-0722
Walk thru screen for fly control at the back door.
Walk thru screen for fly control at the back door.The Easy Screen- A Walk Thru Hanging Screen Door for restaurants and grocery store screen doors..Hanging Screen Doors For Restaurants. Walk Thru Screen Doors for fly control in restaurants.

Available To Order Online.

Easy Screen Size Request:

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